Reviews of the Hester Thursby Series

Praise for The Missing Ones

“A page-turner!”

- Hot Summer Reads!, Us Magazine


“Hill's affinity for creating realistic characters with complicated personalities and suspenseful plots shines in The Missing Ones.”

- Oline H. Cogdill, Associated Press


The Missing Ones is a resounding triumph that reaffirms Edwin Hill’s emergence as a fierce new voice in crime fiction. While the mysteries of the missing and murdered are skillfully rendered and satisfyingly (if sometimes heartbreakingly) resolved, it’s the characters themselves and their myriad dreams and disillusionments that demand our attention. This book, then, is a salient reminder that we are all broken in some way and that we are all trying to put ourselves—and each other—back together again.”

- John Valeri, Criminal Element


“A wonderfully complex and intricate mystery [with] plenty to engage readers looking for a new amateur detective to follow.”

- STARRED REVIEW, Library Journal


“Complex…Dark, sometimes downright creepy, with a profusion of deeply conflicted characters. Hard-core fans of the genre will appreciate the twist at the ending.”

- Booklist


“Hill demonstrates the same humor, malice, and zinging dialogue that made his debut novel one to savor, and he commands our attention as a rising star in the mystery genre.”

- New York Journal of Books


“This is an author who refuses to let his novels play out in expected ways.”

- BOLO Books


“Hill is adept at building compassion for his characters in a tight-knit social web while implicating them in dark thoughts and actions. He remains a writer to watch.”

- Publishers Weekly


“In The Missing Ones, as in Little Comfort, Edwin Hill creates an increasingly tense plot filled with interconnected mysteries and suspenseful occurrences where characters the reader cares about are in real danger. But what draws the reader in and ratchets up the tension further is Hill's exploration of human psychology as he puts characters in situations that push them to their breaking points and then reveals the aftermath.”



“A complex mystery with well-defined characters, a detailed plot, and suspense that tightens like a vise…”

- Mystery Scene Magazine


“A conflicted protagonist battles formidable opponents in a bid for a normal life.”

- Kirkus Reviews


“Darkly textured and gorgeously twisted, this atmospheric novel of suspense proves Edwin Hill is a major talent.  A master class in setting and character, and with penetrating psychological insight, this story is seamless and surprising and devastating—as turbulent and unpredictable as a New England nor’easter.”

- HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN, best-selling and award-winning author of The Murder List


“A brilliantly composed mystery…a hurricane of suspense with squalls of twists that’ll just take your breath away. A salty, stormy and seductive read.”

- MARIO GIORDANO, author of Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions and Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna


“Hester Thursby is one of those characters you wish you’d thought up and got to write on a regular basis.”

- DANIEL FORD, author of Black Coffee and Sid Sanford Lives!

Praise for Little Comfort

"An increasingly tense plot and striking characters—in particular, compassionate, conflicted, loving Hester—make Little Comfort a standout."

STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly 


"Hester Thursby is a tough, cerebral, relatably flawed sleuth who lulls herself to sleep with horror films and takes on serial killers and unexpected motherhood without skipping a beat. A dark but compassionate psychological-thriller debut with great appeal for fans of Ruth Ware and Cornelia Read."



“[Little Comfort] is a fascinating psychological thriller that gets deep under your skin.”

- “Five Reinventions of the Boston Crime Novel,” Strand Magazine


"Hill's debut is a chilling psychological thriller with an unusual heroine and a page-turning storyline."

Kirkus Reviews


"This was a captivating tale and I can’t wait to see where we go next with Hester and her adventures."

- DRU ANN LOVE, Dru's Book Musings


"This is not a book of good versus evil but one of troubled souls on life’s journey where no one is completely innocent, but some stray too far to ever return home."

- BOLO Books


"Hill proves librarians aren’t just for cozies in this psychological thriller/detective tale featuring Hester Thursby who moonlights as a finder of missing persons, tracking down someone who will kill not to found. Hill displays a wonderful sense of mood and character."

- MYSTERY PEOPLE, Top Five Debuts of 2018


“This intense debut thriller features a unique protagonist trying to balance her love [a child] with an overwhelming sense of being trapped into a life she hadn’t planned. “

- Stop You’re Killing Me web site


“This is a thrilling story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

-The Sun Chronicle


"Little Comfort is deftly crafted and its terrifying conclusion stayed with me long after I finished reading.  At its core, this is a story of love and devotion - sometimes misguided - that spins dangerously out of control, throwing protagonist Hester Thursby and those she cherishes into harm's way. Hill makes you care about each and every character in this incredible novel, which is no small feat.  Don't miss this one!"

MAGGIE BARBIERI, author of Once Upon a Lie and the Murder 101 series


Little Comfort isn’t just the arrival of a fantastic new book, but also marks the emergence of a spectacular writer to watch. This story had me hooked from the first chapter, and my nails bitten to the nub before I was halfway through. Watch out! Little Comfort delivers just what the title promises.”

BRACKEN MACLEOD, author of Stranded and 13 Views of the Suicide Woods


"A chilling mix of envy, deceit, and murder. Everyone is lying about something in this tense, stylish debut novel. . . . [It] will have you frantically turning pages until the final, breathless climax.”

JOANNA SCHAFFHAUSEN, author of The Vanishing Season


"In his compelling debut novel Little Comfort, Edwin Hill spins layer upon layer of intrigue as Hester Thursby, in the business of finding people who don’t want to be found, takes on a job that turns out to be far more surprising and dangerous than she bargained for. This smart, complex, and suspenseful New England thriller will keep you turning pages far into the night."

JESSICA TREADWAY, author of Lacy Eye and How Will I Know You?


“Compellingly plotted and compulsively readable, Little Comfort will leave you a little uncomfortable in the best of ways. Hester Thursby, its powerhouse protagonist, is tough, intriguingly flawed and complex. Edwin Hill’s first effort is certain to be among the year’s best debuts.”

JOHN KEYSE-WALKER, author of Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed and winner of the 2015 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award


"Fast-paced and riveting, Edwin Hill’s Little Comfort takes off from the opening pages and never lets up. Don’t miss this can’t-put-down debut!"

CARLA NEGGERS, best-selling author of the Sharpe and Donovan series

Audio version Narrated by karen white

"Despite—or perhaps because of--not using a Boston accent, [Narrator Karen White] excels at dialogue. Her skill ensures that the snarky low-life Lila contrasts nicely with the stressed-out Felicia and her upper-class millennial friends, Wendy and Twig. As Hester, White maintains a throaty calmness even while the sleuth takes care of her delightfully loud 3-year-old niece. "


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